EC Report
1. Project Details
   i. Proposal No. : SIA/MH/NCP/73888/2018    ii. File No. : NIL    iii.Short narrative of the project: Development of Intermodal station At Ajni Railway Station, Nagpur    iv. Project Sector : INFRA-1    v. Subcategory : B2    vi. Company/Proponent : NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY OF INDIA PIU NAGPUR
  vii.Details of State of the project
Details of State of the project State Name District Name Tehsil Name
1.MaharashtraNagpurNagpur (Urban)
   viii.Date of TOR Granted N/A
  Important Dates
Important Dates
Accepted by SEIAA and forwarded to SEAC Accepted by SEAC EC Granted
2. Uploaded Documents of EIA/EMP, Risk Assessment, GPS, Toposheet, Form - 1, Pre Feasibility Report, Form - 1(A)
  i.EIA/EMP: Nil   ii.Risk Assessment: Nil    iii.Shape of the project land: Block (Polygon) iv.GPS file: Annexure-GPS File        v.Toposheet file: Nil vi. Form - 1: Annexure- Form - 1   vii.Pre Feasibility Report : Nil viii.Form - 1(A): Annexure-Form - 1(A)   ix. Uploaded Cover Letter: Annexure-Cover Letter   x. Uploaded Additional Report/Study/Document as desired by Ministry/EAC: Nil   xi. Remarks: NIL
3. Additional Detail Sought:   NIL
4. Accredited Consultant Details
   i. Accreditation status : Yes    ii. Accreditation No. : NABET CERTIFICATE: NABET/EIA/1619/IA 0011    iii. Name of Consultant: Aplinka solutions &Technologies Pvt Ltd   iv. Address : A-48, Ground Floor, Sector-64, Noida – 201301   v. Mobile No.: 8447218705   vi. Landline No.: 1204540584   vii. Email Id:
Essential Details Sought
Essential Details Sought EDS Sought Date EDS Sought Letter
Additional Details Sought
Additional Details Sought ADS Sought Date ADS Sought Letter
5. Undertaking
The aforesaid application and documents furnished here with are true to my knowledge
   i. Name : NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY OF INDIA PIU NAGPUR    ii. Designation : Man    iii. Company : NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY OF INDIA PIU NAGPUR    iv. Address : G-5 and 6, Sector-10, Dwarka, New Delhi
6. Recommendation by SEAC/SEIAA :   NIL